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Since 2012, Gateway Translations has won the trust of more than 200 technical companies that require SEO-optimized specialized translations – and many customers remain loyal to us to this day

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Bill Clemons,
Product and Marketing Manager, Mitsuboshi Belting

“One word sums up the entire experience…Professional. Trying to get the correct translated wording is a challenge in itself. Making it fluent and flow is where Gateway shines. The translation quality is spot on considering we had a very difficult file format to work with. The whole process was seamless.”

Christina Parr,
Toppan Photomasks

“Fantastic translator and project manager... thank you for being on top of it!”

Bettina Rasp,
Director of Marketing Access Automation Business Unit FAAC Group

“Thank you. Your translations are really good! We are very satisfied...”

A website in the languages of important export markets is a critical success factor in international competition for B2B technical companies. However, only if the website remains up-to-date in the many languages. Conventional translators and machine pre-translation quickly reach their limits with many technical terms. Whether in the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, IT, or other technical sectors – only proven experts can guarantee the right words when needed

Put us to the test!

We can prove ourselves in just 48 hours. How? With a free test translation! Simply send us a text (up to 300 words) of your choice from your day-to-day business and we will return a first-class translation within 48 hours

The Gateway difference with us is the combination of the right people with a tried-and-tested formula. Your multilingual, professional corporate identity is made up of the following components:

Search engine optimized translation in up to 45 languages

Technical expertise of professionals who often have many years of experience in their field

Uncomplicated approval and translation processes within our web portal. With a quality management system based on ISO17100

Simply put:

Behind your professional, multilingual documentation or website is the Gateway Translations formula

How Gateway Translations reaches your customers with B2B translations

Outstanding translation quality. Combined with technical expertise. Our translators combine three key skills: linguistic proficiency, technical understanding, and marketing experience.

Optimized meta descriptions, title tags, and the right keywords – we know what is important when it comes to search engine optimized content. Nearly every purchasing process today in B2B transactions begins with a web search.

What makes your collaboration with Gateway Translations so easy

Our Web Portal guarantees a clear process and the efficient use of your time

The benefits:

Reduced mail traffic to deal with: all approval and translation processes are web-based (optional)

Uncomplicated approval processes for employees in international subsidiaries and thus shorter time to market

This is why Gateway Translations is the perfect partner for delivering your website translations

Your website is like a business card – it represents your company and is usually the first contact when potential customers learn about your company

Therefore, insist on the following in your project:

Specialized translations by industry experts. Only trained, experienced native speakers can get the job done perfectly

A translation process that quickly and easily implements regular web content updates

Professional support, especially for extensive and complex translation projects

An SEO-optimized translation – for measurable results and return on investment through more qualified visitors

48-hour Turnaround!

Our process: simple. The result: satisfying.

One online meeting: We can cover your project needs in an hour or less.

We export your content from your content management system (CMS)

Translation and proofreading by our industry experts

Transparent review process by your employees in our web portal (optional)

You will receive your professional translation in exactly the right format you need for integration into your CMS

These three facts speak for a collaboration with Gateway Translations:

Fact 1:

Most translation agencies do not have a streamlined process. The result: you become burdened with additional costs in terms of organization and time.

Fact 2:

Incorrect technical terms cause confusion, can damage your brand, and cause more work and costs despite ISO certification.

Fact 3:

Internal translations have hidden costs. With professional tools, we ensure consistent technical terminology and brand awareness – consistently and across all channels from print to web.

48-hour Turnaround!

Your website is in good hands

We are not all just native speakers. Our colleagues also have years of experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, IT, or automotive – each of our translators also has a specialization. The team taking care of your projects:

Markus Seebauer, Managing Director

“Data-driven marketing fascinates me. I hold a degree in computer science, speak four languages, and am interested in growth markets, especially in Asia. As an in-house translator, I became intensively familiar with the industry and founded Gateway Translations in 2012.”

Dimitris, Head of Production

“Despite hundreds of successfully completed projects thanks to our production team, I look forward to every new translation, because every project presents a new challenge.”

Thomas, Industry expert – mechanical engineering

“Mechanical engineering and measurement, process and control technology: I hold a degree in engineering with a specialization in precision engineering and have 35 years of industry experience. I have been with Gateway since 2015.

Theo, Industry expert – electronics/electrical engineering

“I am a trained engineer with a degree and specializing in electrical engineering. In the six years I have worked at Gateway, I have benefited greatly from more than 25 years of professional experience. In my spare time, I am still active as an electrical engineer – currently I am designing a CNC milling machine.”

Andre, Industry expert – IT

“My background is in applied information technology. I “speak” Python/Flask, HTML, CSS, and SQL, and I have been with Gateway for five and a half years. So, it comes as no surprise: I’m the guy our customers rely on for everything IT.”

Justin, Chinese

“I studied mechanical engineering and automation technology. After earning my degree, I gained thirteen years of translation experience, mostly dealing with technical marketing texts.”

Sara, Italian

“I also work as a lecturer at the University of Salento in Italy. My area of expertise is in technical translations. I am also a member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters.”

Lan, Vietnamese

“With a degree from RWTH Aachen University, I have worked as a professional in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries in Germany since 2000.”

Native speakers in 45 languages satisfy customers with their expertise

48-hour Turnaround!